Our unique trophies!  Designer: Tarik Tatham

Tattoo Competition Info & Rules



* All rules are non-negotiable.


* Anyone can enter any category provided the category rules are followed.


* 1st and 2nd place trophies will be given for most categories. A nice certificate will be awarded to the artist.


* Contest registration is available at the main entrance of the tattoo/piercing floor, from door opening until judging begins on each day of the convention. Registration for a category is only available the day of that competition.


* It will cost $10 to enter each category you choose. All competition fees are NON REFUNDABLE!!


* Tattoos must be FULLY HEALED to enter a tattoo competition, except for Tattoo of the Day.


* Tattoos must be entered in the correct category to compete. If there are less than 3 entries in any given competition, all entries for that category will be moved to the next appropriate category.


* Ink'd Out Loud is not responsible for any hurt feelings resulting from competitions.


* By entering Ink'd Out Loud and Ink'd Out Loud Tattoo Competition you release Infinite Ink Incorporated of all legalities stemming from copyrighted tattoos, artwork, material or anything in regards to copyrighted tattoos, photographs, clothing or anything else deemed copyrighted or trademarked.


* Ink'd Out Loud and Infinite Ink Incorporated is not legally responsible for attendees falsifying artist information upon registration or during competitions.


* If a tattoo artist or creator of tattoo artwork does not want their work to be entered in competitions, photographed, displayed or any other visual appreciation at Ink'd Out Loud, it is their legal responsibility to let the client/wearer know this and take appropriate actions to ensure that the client does not enter competitions. The client takes full responsibility for future legalities stemming from such an issue and holds Ink'd Out Loud harmless.


* All photos taken of tattoos at Ink'd Out Loud by official Ink'd Out Loud photographers are solely the property of Infinite Ink Incorporated.


* No complete disrobing during a competition. At the very least, G-string underwear must be worn plus a bikini top for the ladies.


* Once judging has started for the evening there will be no late entries.


* Judging will be done by a panel of 3 judges. Scoring will be done on a 1-10 scale, based on the overall appearance of tattoo. When applicable: originality, lines, coloring, shading, overall design, flow and movement of the tattoo will all be considered for scoring. In the event of a tie between tattoos they will be re-judged via photograph.


* All decisions on judging are final!


* Tattoos will be measured the day of entry into a competition, to decide the correct class it belongs in.


* Large tattoos may be entered in the "Large" category if it is a single tattoo, not a collection of tattoos making up one large piece and not a full-coverage back piece.


* Sleeves, chest pieces and back pieces may not be entered in any single piece category unless it is for one individual piece contained within a sleeve or back piece.


* Size Classification: Small: Must fit within a 6”x 6” area.

         Large: Larger than 6”x 6” but not a complete sleeve, back or chest piece.


* Sleeve: Must be a half or full arm sleeve or a full leg sleeve and it must be complete.


* Back Piece: Must be a large collection of tattoos or one single tattoo which covers the entire back and it must be complete. A back piece consisting of one single piece may be entered in the "Back Piece" category only.


* Black and Gray: Must be black and shades of gray and may have only up to 10% accenting color.


* Color: Can be any style of tattooing if it has at least 80% vibrant coloring.


* Chest Piece: Must be a large collection of tattoos or one single piece which covers the entire chest and it must be complete. A chest piece consisting of one single piece may be entered in the "Chest Piece" category only.


* Horror: Must be designed as to be scary in nature. Most commonly, horror tattoos include zombies, vampires, those attacked by vampires, werewolves and horror movie related depictions.


* Traditional: Must be a traditional American tattoo featuring bold black lines, basic shading and a limited color palette. Typically, nautical or patriotic in nature.


* Neo-Traditional: Must be a modern variation of the American traditional tattoo. It has more diverse line weights and color palettes and includes a more diverse American theme such as candles, lighthouses, diamonds etc.


* New School: Must be characterized using heavy outlines, vivid colors and exaggerated depictions of the subjects contained within the tattoo.


* Portrait: Must be recognizable as the person portrayed. Must have photo or other acceptable reproduction of the person depicted. Must be a human only subject, no unrealistic characters for example, cartoon art.


* Comic Book Character or Anime: Self-explanatory.


* Cover-Up: Must have a legible photo of the original piece to be covered, before any stencil or artwork was done.


* Tattoo of The Day: You must have your tattoo done by an Attending Ink'd Out Loud Tattoo Artist, that day of the convention. Tattoo of the Day tattoos must be properly cleaned up and presentable (i.e. not seeping/bleeding). Tattoo of the Day will have only one trophy given daily.


* Best of Show: All Tattoo of the Day entries will be reevaluated by photo to decide the best of show winner.


* Most Tattoo Awards by an Attending Artist: Self-explanatory.